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Jan 13, 2014

THMJ Week of 1/5/14

    In our homeschool this week…
We're reviewing parts of speech (noun, adjective, and adverb) and finishing up thank you notes.

    What we're reading... 
The Boxcar Children #1

Mere Christianity
Homeschool Adventure Co.'s Mere Christianity: Critical Analysis Journal

    Around the house... 
Xav has spent several nights sleeping in the basement.  I was pretty surprised that he was willing to stay all night.  He has asked if we would build him a real room down there.  Wednesday night (his fourth night in the guest "room"), he asked me if it would be OK if some night he came upstairs and got in his own bed.  I think he is lonely down there.  He is such a sociable kid.  He ended up coming upstairs on Friday night and has been in his own bed since. 

    Things I’m working on…

I used a pool noodle to seal the garage door to the laundry room.  I'm hoping it works.  I cut the noodle to the width of the door, then slit it open.  It was too thick to fit under the door, so I used a serrated bread knife to slice out some of that part.  It fits nice and snug.

A birthday present.  Still. *whistles*

    I’m cooking…
Root beer cookies.  Aww, yeah.  I made about three dozen little sandwich cookies.  I really make the filling root beery.  The longer the cookies sit, the better they taste.

     A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…
One of our rabbit trails this week.  Ben Franklin's glass (h)armonica.  See it played here.  I used to work at the Corning Museum of Glass.  They have one there and I always loved to listen to it.  There seems to be a discrepancy on the spelling, but the Franklin Institute refers to the instrument as an armonica, so I'm going with that.

Linking to The Homeschool Mother's Journal.

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