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Feb 26, 2013

Our January Babies

Merick's first birthday was in January.

Xavier was kind enough to share some candy Legos for the cupcake toppers.

An action shot of cake flinging.

Merrick had *never* before actually licked his fingers clean.  I think he really enjoyed his cupcake.

Xav chose robots to top his cake.  He's taking a robotics class at co-op and absolutely LOVES it.  Happy birthday six year old!

Feb 24, 2013

Thinking Deep Thoughts From the Third Row Seat

I know why cows weigh more than people.  Because they are full of so much milk.

Why do cows have extra stomachs?  Is one for her baby?

Xav: I just saw a horse with clothes on!
Micah: What was it wearing?  A hat and mittens?
Xav: No, just a shirt.

Way-back seat driving:
Xav: Mom, why don't you drive in the middle row?
Me: There is no middle lane.
Xav: We could pretend...

Waiting to turn left:
The light is green, GO!

(In February, out of nowhere)
I'm mad Obama won, I wanted the guy in the blue shirt to win.