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May 22, 2013

My Boys

I rounded up all the boys while Dave was visiting.

Merrick thinks his brothers' antics are so embarrassing.

At the Library

We like to head to the library after Friday School to choose new books. 

Our little explorer.

Xav used an iPad for the first time.  The earphones only really succeeded in making his voice louder.

Playing a time game on the computer.

Winged Residents

Our mallard duck visitors were here this spring, as usual.  They arrived a bit early this year, so had to endure a bit of snow, ice, and sleet.

The newest resident is a raptor.  We aren't quite sure what kind he is.  He sat in that tree eyeballing the mallard couple or else some tasty frogs for quite some time.  I've seen it once since then, catching a meal on the forest floor.  The pictures are terrible, so I haven't been able to identify it.

His Future's So Bright

Mal's 8th Birthday

Mal cracks me up.  He used to eat cake.  Now he won't.  It's one of his "things".  Instead, he has a powdered cake donut.  Yeah.  Very festive.  Anyhoo, he had a good birthday and was super excited to get tracks for the Emerald Night Express.  He's been waiting a couple of years for them.  Oh, and Lego, I despise you.  You can't make a loop with the amount of track in one box.  Maybe in a couple more years, Monkey.

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  M O N K E Y  A N D  M O N K E Y 'S  D A D D Y !