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Jun 26, 2009

A Dad and his Boys

A new video on you tube of M with the littles. Click here.

Jun 22, 2009

And One From Xav

Mal went in the bedroom and monkeyed around under the crib during Xav's nap. I made him come out and lay on his "rest" mat in the living room. He instantly fell asleep, but it was too late. Xav was already awake. Xav is evil. He then did everything he could to bug Mal; hitting him in the head with a pinwheel, crawling on the mat, drivng cars into Mal. He was laughing like this: ha ha hee hee ho ho hoo hoo. It was freaking hysterical. He had me laughing so much I snorted. Which, btw, is really not very ladylike.

Some More Mal Tales

Mal has been watching Moe's Big Exit, the Veggie Tales version of Moses freeing the Israelites. You know how Moses throws down the staff and it becomes a snake? Mal tossed Sheriff Woody from Toy Story at my feet and said, "Let my people go". Cracked. Me. UP!

When Lora was visiting, she gave Mal a gorilla figure. The other night after getting the boys ready for bed, I took out the diapers and when I came back in their room, Mal was slathering the gorilla's butt with diaper rash cream.

I'm learning to grab the camera before the washcloth. I caught Mal trying to make chocolate milk. He had his cup about half full of Quik! Xavier was licking his fingers and running them through the powder on the table and licking them.

Mal has been watching the Veggie Tales video "Abe and the Amazing Promise" a lot lately. In it they are making a documentary video of Abe's life. So on the set, they have a nurse and every time they talk about patience she appears and they say, "not patients, PATIENCE!" Mal misunderstood and everywhere we went yesterday he was saying, "not patients, HAITIANS!".

This one will only make sense to Phineus and Ferb fans.
Daddy: That's a really tall (Lego) tower.
Mal: That's not a tower. It's a robot chargerator...inator.

Me: Say French
Mal: French
Me: Say fries
Mal: fries
Me: Say French fries
Mal: ench fries

Me: Mal, we have to get daddy a present for father's day. What do you think he would like?
Mal: (jumping excitedly) A red one!
Me: A red what?
Mal: A red present!
Thanks for the help Mal.

Jun 19, 2009

Jun 18, 2009

Mal Graduates from Playschool

Mal had a nice party for graduation and Xavier and I were invited.
There was circle time with songs (with Miss Jessica and Miss Barbel - I do not know how to put the two dots over the A) and some play time.
There were snacks. I am so glad I didn't make cake balls. I think we had enough cakes. :D Instead, we dipped pretzels in chocolate and the boys put the sprinkles on them. There were a TON of naked pretzels on plates at the end of the party!There were awards (books inside his portfolio). Hi Miss Fredda!He met his new teacher, Miss Tracy.

Preschool, here we come!

Onto the next project.

Now that the window is in, we are onto the next remodel project. Here Xav is helping daddy pull up the old tile in the dining area.