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Aug 30, 2011

Corning Museum of Glass

I used to visit the museum regularly as a child. I loved it there. When I grew up, I went to work there. This place is so near and dear to me. I really enjoyed taking the boys to visit. We kept our visit short (which isn't easy), so we missed a few areas. They especially liked the Innovations area and the Hot Glass Show.

NY Finger Lakes region.
The shuttle.
In the entry.
When I worked here, there were no curtains nor dots on the glass and several people actually walked into the doors and walls in the Contemporary Art room.
Some contemporary glass art.
Brothers having a little fun.
The changing wall. "Glass is.." is on the wall, while the other words move and change around the wall.
Working with glass.
My brother's "art work". He used a hammer to simulate head impact on a windshield.
Clear glass floor, looking at the cafeteria below.
200" telescope disk.
How the disk came to be in the new building.

Melting temperatures.
Glass working tools.
Touching an ancient glass bottle.
Roses in the glass market.

Random June Stuff

All the "grandboys" together.
Yes, He is...On a hill "back home" in NY.

The fund my mother-in-law collected when I got my speeding ticket. Some money, some pocket lint, some kitty kibble...

Some critters around the yard. Sadly (not) I didn't manage to get a picture of the HUGE spider Micah found in the wood pile.