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Sep 25, 2011

August Round-Up

"Reading" The Monster at the End of This Book. Mal is incapable of sitting still!

Cutting down a few more trees before hurricane Irene hit.

My beautiful dresser is finished!
A hitching.
A tasty treat, bread and butter pickles and double oreos. LOL

July randomness

Mal reading comics over breakfast.
Xav, getting the sillies out.Mommy {hearts} Mal.

Helping Dad

New railing on the back porch with a very attentive helper.

Space Camp Day

This summer, we planned a few activity days for our Friday School friends. June was just Games. We played duck, duck, goose, Red Light/Green Light and kickball, had a nice picnic, a hike in the woods and just enjoyed playing together. July was Space Camp. Micah got out various "rockets" to launch for the kids, made a space ship out of a box and had so much fun. In August, we had planned a Pirate Camp, but with hurricane Irene a couple of days before, we ended up canceling our day of fun. Although we weren't effected like southern VT, we did have a soupy yard.

Anyway, Space Camp was super fun. We launched rockets made of soda bottles using water and air pressure, small capsules made of PVC with air pressure, and a model rocket. Oops. One might be stuck in a tree...
I lucked into a huge box at the store one day. With some markers and stickers, it became the coolest space ship ever.

Aug 30, 2011

Corning Museum of Glass

I used to visit the museum regularly as a child. I loved it there. When I grew up, I went to work there. This place is so near and dear to me. I really enjoyed taking the boys to visit. We kept our visit short (which isn't easy), so we missed a few areas. They especially liked the Innovations area and the Hot Glass Show.

NY Finger Lakes region.
The shuttle.
In the entry.
When I worked here, there were no curtains nor dots on the glass and several people actually walked into the doors and walls in the Contemporary Art room.
Some contemporary glass art.
Brothers having a little fun.
The changing wall. "Glass is.." is on the wall, while the other words move and change around the wall.
Working with glass.
My brother's "art work". He used a hammer to simulate head impact on a windshield.
Clear glass floor, looking at the cafeteria below.
200" telescope disk.
How the disk came to be in the new building.

Melting temperatures.
Glass working tools.
Touching an ancient glass bottle.
Roses in the glass market.

Random June Stuff

All the "grandboys" together.
Yes, He is...On a hill "back home" in NY.

The fund my mother-in-law collected when I got my speeding ticket. Some money, some pocket lint, some kitty kibble...

Some critters around the yard. Sadly (not) I didn't manage to get a picture of the HUGE spider Micah found in the wood pile.

Jul 8, 2011

Go Daddy, Go!

Micah ran in the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon and Relay Memorial Day weekend. I'm such a bad wife, I have no idea what his time was.

Not Micah.
He also ran in the Dairy Festival's 10K, The Milk Run, the following weekend. The boys and Princess were there to cheer him on.

Dairy Festival Parade.

It's kind of funny. Where I grew up in NY, we were very close to the town of Bath where the Dairy Festival is held every year. So we move here and low and behold, we live in the dairy capital of Vermont.

Waiting patiently (with our flat visitor, Princess).
Welcome to the Dairy Festival.
Ben and Jerry's brought free ice cream for everybody! They must have had a surplus of strawberry shortcake. :)
Hometown heroes.
The goat dairy down the road. They have wonderful chevre and goat's milk soap.

June 19, 2011

As Usual...

I am a month behind on the blog and never even got around to finishing the posts about Plimoth, MA and the Mayflower II. Must get caught up!

Fiddleheads and Pasta


Boil fiddleheads.
Chop garlic.
Saute garlic.
Add fiddleheads.

Toss with pasta.Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Enjoy.