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Mar 5, 2010

More Snow Fun

We actually did have lots of fun in the snow on the day I had a heart attack. See? Oh. And lots of shoveling. We also did some sledding, made snow angels, had snowball fights, and climbed the snow "mountain". I was too busy playing to get the fun pics. ;)

Got His Work is Cut Out for Him

HA! I crack me up! After nearly eight years of cringing and then praying every time I heard a windstorm (I even went so far as to move Xavier into Mal's room), most of the menacing trees have been removed. Hooray! One cherry and three pines, each approximately 80+ feet tall, have been cut down. There is yard clean up to do and I see some bonfires in our future. Hellooooooo s'mores and campfire banana boats!