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Jun 25, 2011

Milk and Eggs with Mr. K

Another fun science day with Mr. K from Exordium Adventure involved milk and eggs. Not as tasty as you might imagine and nowhere near as yummy as the Candy Science class. ;)

Science equipment provided.Xav crushed some egg shell with a large bolt in a small tin dish. Science equipment can be found anywhere.Vinegar made the crushed shell bubble just like it made the baking soda bubble (see naked egg below).Mal took a short break.Spinning an egg to see if it's cooked or raw. Raw eggs wobble.Eggs of various ages to show the buoyancy of fresh eggs vs. old eggs. Fresh eggs sink. The older eggs float because of air trapped in the shell.
Naked eggs (made by soaking the shell off in vinegar) are rubbery and bounce. But be careful! They break.Water tension that kept this water from running out of the cap.Milk and food coloring.If I remember right, we added dish soap and got this reaction.

Ever attentive students. HA! That almost hurt to type! hee hee.

Friday School Closing Ceremony

We are so very blessed to be a part of such a loving co-op family. Two Fridays each month the boys get to take some fun classes with their friends and on the opposite Fridays, we have a field trip or ice skating. Last month we had our graduation ceremony/closing for the 2010 - 2011 school year. I'm posting two pictures here because, really, no one is going to be able to make out anyone unless they know them anyway. However, if any co-op parent wants the pictures taken down, let me know and I'll be happy to do it.

All the parent teachers, without whom there would be no classes. {heart}
Roundbox with "gramma," whom we all just love like crazy, singing Jesus Loves Me. (Notice Mal covering his ears...)

Xav and the Inch(?) Worm

Micah came in from running one day with a tiny "inch" worm on his shirt. Xav enjoyed him for a while.
When the boys let him go outside, the nosy cat came by and Mal thought he needed to protect the worm from the cat. He did so by picking it up and throwing it to the ground. The worm promptly "fell asleep." sigh...

Lego Maniacs

What do boys do when there are only *two* Lego catalogs?

Jun 5, 2011

Xav's New Bike

After freaking out about having to learn to ride a bike on a "girl bike," daddy spent a couple of weekends transforming this
into this. Xav is much happier now.

Emerald Night Express

Mal received this train as a reward from Daddy. They spent some time working on it nearly every night for almost two weeks. Xav helped also by sorting bricks and giving Mal the pieces he would need. He also put the people together.