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Sep 25, 2011

August Round-Up

"Reading" The Monster at the End of This Book. Mal is incapable of sitting still!

Cutting down a few more trees before hurricane Irene hit.

My beautiful dresser is finished!
A hitching.
A tasty treat, bread and butter pickles and double oreos. LOL

July randomness

Mal reading comics over breakfast.
Xav, getting the sillies out.Mommy {hearts} Mal.

Helping Dad

New railing on the back porch with a very attentive helper.

Space Camp Day

This summer, we planned a few activity days for our Friday School friends. June was just Games. We played duck, duck, goose, Red Light/Green Light and kickball, had a nice picnic, a hike in the woods and just enjoyed playing together. July was Space Camp. Micah got out various "rockets" to launch for the kids, made a space ship out of a box and had so much fun. In August, we had planned a Pirate Camp, but with hurricane Irene a couple of days before, we ended up canceling our day of fun. Although we weren't effected like southern VT, we did have a soupy yard.

Anyway, Space Camp was super fun. We launched rockets made of soda bottles using water and air pressure, small capsules made of PVC with air pressure, and a model rocket. Oops. One might be stuck in a tree...
I lucked into a huge box at the store one day. With some markers and stickers, it became the coolest space ship ever.