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Jan 21, 2014

Homeschool Essentials: Technology

Welcome to day 2 of Homeschool Essentials Blog Carnival!  Be sure to click the banner to see what some of the other ladies from the Schoolhouse Review Crew need in their homeschools.  Over 90 bloggers are participating!

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials
Around here, we {big, fat, puffy heart} the technology.  Some days, too much.  Some days, it does not like us (read, me) back.  Some days we have plenty of techie time on the computer and some days I catch my laptop on fire.  Yes.  Literally. Some days, we read on the Kindle Fire and some days, I. Can't. Turn. The Kindle. On.  Thankfully, technology is also for the Technologically Impaired.  And God saw my ineptitude and married me off to a gEEk.

We started the Bigger Littles way back when on which was a huge hit around here when they were just the Littles.  We've used the internet for various things ever since then.  One of my favorite things in our school ever is Amanda Bennett Unit Studies.  (You can read our reviews here.)  I always have loved how videos from the interwebs were hosted on a special Download N Go page so you don't see the sometimes questionable suggested videos.

Right now, our current favorite websites for school include Reading Eggs, KinderBach, and  Xavier is doing so very well on Reading Eggs.  I have loved seeing him blossom and gain confidence as a reader.  Reading came so easily for Malachi.  We used the free trial and let it run out.  Eventually, I received an email with a special rate I could hardly pass up.  Mal liked MathSeeds, Reading Eggs sister site, but he and Xav were way beyond that one.  We recently started KinderBach and through the Homeschool Review Crew.  I'll will have full reviews on those sites near the end of February.

What is your favorite piece of technological wonder?  How do you use it in your homeschool?

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Kym T said...

isn't technology great?! So much to choose from! We have benefited greatly from having math programs online - one of my older sons used ALEKS for Geometry, and my Grade 9 son is now loving VideoText Interactive for Algebra. I love sites like those, that make it so much easier to present and grade the work.

Brandi said...

Spelling City is a tool 2 of my kids use daily, in fact, I still need to enter my sons words for this week so I better do that now!

Lynn P said...

technology can definitely be a benefit to homeschoolers.. Great post and thanks for sharing the links..