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Jan 23, 2014

Homeschool Essentials: Routines and Attitudes

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

We need a schedule, at least a loose one.  Mal likes to know what comes next and what is the last thing. He will drive me to distraction if I don't give him the information he needs.  When are we done?  Are we done after this?  How much more?  And on it would go.  I have sometimes been lax and it shows in our school time attitudes.

I know what is best in our school for all of us, and sometimes around the holidays (where we generally keep plugging away, but take random days off on my whim) or when something unusual happens (like the nearly eight days of frequent power outages during the ice storm), I don't keep us on track and we pay for it.  The longer we are off the schedule, the more difficult it is to get back on track.

While I know not everyone needs a routine, we have definitely found out how helpful one is for us.  Do you have a schedule?  Do you have a program or form you follow?

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Kym T said...

We need some kind of a schedule too. We may only follow it loosely, but without one, nothing would get done around here!

Jenn@Teaching Two Stinkers said...

I agree routine is important! We started with a schedule and it didn't work, just added stress. It seems like the routine though works much better for everyone, and allows for the interruptions during the day that are out of our control. :) Thanks for sharing!

Lynn P said...

We love schedules and routines. It helps our family to run smoothly day to day..

LaRee B said...

We need a schedule too. I had the girls watch a show about a radical unschooler, and then we talked about it, and they were adamant that they wouldn't like that,they want a schedule. But we all know that if something "better" comes along, the planned schedule will get scrapped and we'll grab opportunities as they come :)