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Jan 20, 2014

Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal Review

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I can't believe that, until very recently, I'd never read any of C.S. Lewis' non-fiction books.  I've enjoyed the Narnia series, of course.  A while back, I practically inhaled The Screwtape Letters, and while certainly Christian, it is decidedly fiction.  I've had Mere Christianity on my reading list for some time, but just never got around to buying it.  I like to own non-fiction rather than buy it because I like to highlight.  A lot.  When the occasion arose to review Stacy Farrell's newest offering, Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal, I was quick to accept.

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Without the Critical Analysis Journal, I would have definitely read Mere Christianity eventually, but it is much too easy to read a book like that without absorbing much, if anything.  If I am taking the time to engage in a deep book, I really want to walk away with a real sense of understanding.  This journal will help you delve deeper and consider more seriously that which is in Lewis' book.  Ten or more questions for each chapter, help promote a deeper understanding of his work.

I'd recommend this book for teens and adults.  Anyone who is curious to learn about and study the aspects of what exactly constitutes "mere" Christianity, the most basic characteristics without regard to denomination will benefit from using this Journal.

The Critical Analysis Journal is available as an editable digital download ($18.95) or a spiral-bound paperback edition ($28.95).  I liked that I could email the PDF document to my Kindle and have it with me without taking the laptop or printing the entire book.  My printer and I are not the best of friends, so I don't print as much as I might like.  Instead, I only needed a small notebook to record my answers to the questions, my trusty, old Kindle, and a paperback copy of Mere Christianity.  Re-writing the questions in the notebook (though you certainly could just jot down your answers) helped me to focus on what I was reading and to more effectively remember critical elements.

Order now.  Save 10% through January 31st.

If you don't have a copy of Mere Christianity and would like one, you can download it here for free.

Get to know more about Stacy Farrell in this interview post or go to Stacy's blog -- On Loving Jesus

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