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Feb 7, 2009

What You've All Been Waiting For

I bypassed the printer and was able to upload more pictures. These two were taken just before bedtime. Xav was helping daddy fix a sander or something.

These three were last night. The boys were doing their usual "run around like maniacs until someone gets hurt and mommy puts and end to it" thing. The first one is Xav's face with the booboo on the forehead and cheek and the runny nose from crying. The miracle here is that I wasn't wearing that snot on my clothes!

Next is Mal mooching Xav's booboo all better, which is only fair since he was the cause of it.

Then mommy wised up and got the floor mats out so they could flop around and fall at will and (hopefully) no one would get broken.

Finally, just when I thought this was going to end up in a horrific battle of wills, Mal decided last night that maybe he would pull his pants down and sit on his potty! He never did take his diaper off, but I consider it a huge step. He must have pulled his pants down, sat on the potty, stood and pulled his pants back up about half a dozen times. Xavier had to do what Mal was doing, as usual. Only he was more than willing to take his diaper off. He can't pull his pants up and down by himself though. Neither one did any business on the potty, but this is a huge leap from the screaming and crying the mere suggestion of sitting on the potty used to bring.

I have Potty Power to thank for this. We got the video from Grandma and Grandpa recently. They have been requesting it every night. It is silly and lame and a tiny bit annoying and they LOVE it! So my toddler mommy friends who are struggling with toilet training, I highly recommend it.

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Sara (Chicago Girl) said...

Remind me again of the name of that video once the boys are potty trained. ;)