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Feb 25, 2009

I Cut the Puppy.

So..... I ran to the store (actually, I took the van). Of course, Xav was sleeping when we got back. I took Mal in, took groceries in, the neighbor's dad came over to return the shovel he borrowed, talked to him for a couple minutes and took Xav in. Then Mal and I have this conversation.

Mal: I cut the puppy.
Me: HUH?
Mal: I CUT the dog.
Me: Really? What did you cut her with?
Mal: I cut Fiona.
Me: What did you use to cut her? (Thinking fast of anything "cutter" like lying around and only coming up with the butter knife on the counter.)
Mal: I cut her. (See a trend here?)
Me: MAL! Focus! *What* did you use to cut the dog?
Mal (triumphantly): THIS! (He picks up my Pampered Chef kitchen shears.)

Upon further inspection, Fiona *is* missing some brown hair from her back and the fluffy, white winter coat can be seen. Exhibit A:


Linda said...

I'm still giggling...but you have to admit, Mom, cutting with scissors is a fine motor skill and it looks like Mal has that one mastered. ;)

Anonymous said...