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Feb 10, 2009

More Potty Talk

We headed to WallyWorld last night to let the boys pick out a potty seat. They chose one with ducks on it. There really weren't many options. I don't understand why so few potty seats and chairs have deflectors for boys anymore.

Late this morning, every time I turned around Xavier was grabbing himself and I tried to convince him to sit on the new potty seat. No dice. When naptime rolled around, I went to tuck him in and saw something odd. Wha? What *is* that? His diaper was coming out of his pantleg! Sheesh! So, I put a new diaper on him and put him back to bed. Yikes, that could have been a mess!

I have a new video (<~~~just click those words) of Mal over on You Tube. He's reciting a favorite scene from the Potty Power video. You can hear Xav in the background saying "potty powdoo" over and over.

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