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Jan 1, 2009

Lunch and a Movie

Yesterday we took the boys to a movie. But first, while Daddy put in his 1/2 day at work, the boys and I shopped and went out for lunch. We ate at Friendly's. While trying to teach them a few manners, I told Mal not to be quite so loud. He told me he needs to laugh. I said, "you can laugh, but you don't need to yell or laugh loudly." So Xavier sat there for two minutes loudly saying "LLLLOUD!" over and over.

We picked up a couple small trains at one store and while we got rung up, Mal asked the female cashier, "excuse me sir, may I have my new trains please?" We are working on the sir/ma'am distinction, but he still doesn't get it. *smile*

Finally, we went to see The Tale of Despereaux about an honorable gentlemanly little mouse. This was the first time the boys have been to the theater. They were really well behaved. Xavier was a little antsy, but sat on my lap most of the film or stood in front of me. Mal sat by Daddy and spoke a little loudly a few times, but really, they were great.

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