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Jan 20, 2009

Wearing My Mommy Helmet

I realized I hadn't posted any new pics of the boys for you, so here they are along with some stories.

Mal was looking at our ginormous dictionary, pointing randomly at pages saying, "words, words, words".

His evaluations with the school district are complete and we meet again tomorrow. After that, we will see the pediatrician for a playdate.

He has also been playing a fun letter game and a cow game on the computer with Daddy in the evenings. He's learning to recognize a few letters as well as the sounds they make. Xavier is right there, sticking his nose in it, trying to play too.

We've also been trying to get Mal to count out loud and sing the ABC song more, but he isn't the most cooperative.
Micah: A B C D E F G
Mal: No Daddy, YOU say H I J K

Today, every time I asked him to do something and he didn't like it, he accused me of wearing my Mommy Helmet (Yooooooou are wearing A mummy helmat!). If that is what I have to do, I guess I'll just wear it everyday. I don't know, but I imagine it looks like a viking helmet with horns.

Here's Xav enjoying a peanut butter sandwich the other day when the guys had a whole day together without mom.

Then we have Mal playing with a car or something all snuggled in Daddy's chair with Daddy's blanket. Then learning to drive using Mario Kart on the Wii (thanks for the game loans everybody). I believe he is crashing in this picture.

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Joanne B. said...


Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog just now! Wanted to drop a note that very soon we'll be opening up the NE Stampers Blog announcing a get together this spring. Just nailing down some details on the location and price!!

its just closed until we actually have some information to share! Your children are adorable!!