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Jan 13, 2009

All About Mal Today

Mal has refused to wear any jammies except for dinosaurs for months. That became a minor problem this winter. It got colder and all of his dino jammies are short sleeved. He also won't wear one piece sleepers. He just takes them off in the middle of the night. He got several warmer sets of jammies for Christmas, two with dinosaurs, and I finally convinced him to wear them (it didn't hurt that the other three sets were in the laundry!). Of course last night he was back in his short sleeves, but I tell myself baby steps.

Yesterday, Mal climbed on my lap and asked, "what would you like for Christmas, Mommy?" I figure, I don't have anything to lose, so I told him I'd love it if both he and Xavier are potty trained by Christmas.

Some of Mal's testing took place yesterday also. It was a bit of sorting, drawing and questions like, "are these the same or different?". I think he did alright. Thursday is the Speech and Language testing.

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