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Jan 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Xavier!

Well, how is this for a terrible Mother? I didn't take any pictures of Xavier blowing out his candles on his birthday. Well, terrible mother I may be, I am clever. Yesterday I let the boys blow out candles again. That's right. I staged my baby's second birthday cake pics. Trouble is, the camera is not as clever as I am. It does not contain any pictures of Xavier blowing out candles. Stupid camera.

I do have these pics of Mal and Xav on the hoppers Aunt Stephie sent out to them. Xav isn't big enough yet to actually hop it, but he does sit on it and bounce or walk with it. They also like to hit each other with the hoppers. Thanks Aunt Steph. I just realized these pics are terrible! If any of you were wondering about Mal's perpetual kool-aid mustache, he has been licking his lip for months and it shows. Sometimes it isn't too bad. Poor Xavier just got up from a nap in this one, but he still looks exhausted. The Potty Power video is playing in the background. I hope it helps!

1 comment:

Valorie said...

Looks like they are having a lot of fun! Carole has the "kool aid" mustache as well. She just will not stop licking her upper lip. *rolleyes*