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Jan 10, 2009

More of the Boys

Xavier is getting more independent all the time. Here he can be seen "feeding" himself, his shirt, the table and the floor.

Mal is just getting mouthier. He is always shushing us or saying "shut up". Since that gets him put in the corner, he tried a new one today. "You shut your mouth." Since he picked up a lot of sass talk from some of his movies, he couldn't watch any last night or all day today. It isn't all bad, though. He likes to argue over who loves who more. "No Mommy. I love YOOOOU more."

Here's the winter wonderland we woke up to the other morning. You can really see what the deer have done to the trees at the end of the pond. M finally got to try out the snowshoes he got for Christmas. When he got back, there were more fresh deer tracks in the middle of the back yard. I don't know how we missed seeing them out the back door!


Valorie said...

Your boys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Those boys are so dang cute. I bet they get it from their father.