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Aug 26, 2016

PunchBug Simon!

Every week when I head to my Weight Watchers meeting, I play a solo game.  Micah and I decided we could save PunchBugs for the kids, *if* we were in the car alone.  We didn't ask for input from the kids, so they have mixed feelings about the game.

No matter which of the two possible ways I head in, I am almost guaranteed to see two PunchBuggies before I get to the meeting.  If I head to the grocery store, there's often one there, plus the random drive by.

I need to remember all the Buggy colors or I can't use them.  Hence my Simon skills.  I keep track of them by repeating the colors periodically to myself as I drive.  Red, red.  Red, red, yellow, green.  Red, red, yellow, green, red, blue, white.  It's a fun way to spend the driving time and torment the boys when I get home.*

*Don't worry.  It's all in good fun.  No one is injured and my brain gets some exercise.

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