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Aug 2, 2016

My Journey ~ Weight Loss Month Three

Well, I'm ready to reveal what I've been leaving the house for every Saturday morning for nearly three months.  Pssst...  It isn't just for the farmers' market.  Or the Greek food.  Or the kid-free time.  Though that's all a bonus.

I've been attending Weight Watchers meetings.  While I am happy to say I'm down TWENTY ONE pounds as of July 23 (the last time I weighed in), I am not thrilled about revealing what I currently weigh and am downright ashamed to admit how much I weighed at the start.  My "consolation" is that the scale at WW is consistently four pounds higher than the scale at home.  I'll probably hit Onederland at home a week or two before it becomes official.  For those of you who don't know what Onederland is, it means the number on the scale begins with a one.

I'm so close to my 10% award, I can taste it.  I'm pretty sure it is zero SmartPoints!  I'll also get my 25# award pretty quickly after that.  And at the end of the summer, a Try-A-Thon award that is just for fun!  I'm struggling a bit this week.  Well, I have a bad day or two every week.  I'm very thankful for my weekly points, because I pretty much use them nearly every week on the two days I really have a rough time.

I try to make my treats count.  I love chocolate.  I really do.  And I've learned not to waste the few points I allow for goodies to go to waist waste on mediocre foods.  Some of my favorites are Dove ice cream miniatures.  They are three points each.  A serving is five little ice creams.  BUT DON'T EAT A SERVING.  Seriously, that's half the points for a whole day!  I also like Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolates.  Finding out how many points donuts and soft cookies are broke my heart, but watching my weight and eating healthier and sensibly is all about making decisions.  Sometimes those decisions are difficult.

I'd like to encourage you, if you've been contemplating a change for the better, to do it now.  Don't wait.  If I had started this journey a year and a half ago, I'd probably be at goal and definitely would have had less weight to lose in the first place.  Don't delay.  Join Weight Watchers or choose another tool you love and get started. 

PS In the interest of full disclosure, that's a referral link to WW.  If you join through that link, we each get a $20 credit to spend in the WW store.  I didn't write this post for that purpose, but it seemed silly to write about my journey without sharing the link.

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