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Aug 18, 2016

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids TOS Review

¿Hablas español?  We are learning Spanish right now with the award winning Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Spanish Starter Set 1.  This is an immersion method of learning Spanish.  Videos are taught completely in Spanish by a fun, lively family of three boys, Eli, Andy, and Parker.

This 20 week curriculum includes a DVD, the student books, the corresponding Guide for Teachers and Parents, label stickers, and cards for the first three lessons.
  • Basketballs Aren't for Breakfast
  • The Little Magic House
  • The Little Magic House Part 2
  • and Go Squish game instructions for use with the cards.
There is a flight theme throughout the homeschool Spanish curriculum.  The student books are in-flight magazines to read as we fly off to a country in South or Central America. The lesson is introduced as we prepare to take off in our plane.  It's super cute, but I do want to mention the whine of the jet engine in the background plays havoc with my tinnitus, so I don't actually watch those segments.

The lessons follow the boys through a morning beginning with a hearty desayuno (breakfast).  You are introduced to the children as they come to the kitchen.  It's important to keep track of the boys' names as the workbook exercises will sometimes ask specifically what one or another of the boys enjoys doing with his time.  We learn that Andy likes to read, Parker likes to play basketball, and Eli *really* likes to eat!  I confess that we all had an awful time figuring out Parker's name when we first heard it.  To our untrained ear, it sounded like Pockets!  We are such New Englanders!  The boys also have two dogs, aptly named Grande and Pequeño, who join their adventures.  Mamá is rarely heard and never seen.

The engaging video stories can be viewed by all the kids together.  Merrick loves being involved and he went around for weeks saying "may gooska" whenever he liked anything.  It was one of those times that it's just so cute, you don't want to correct it.  We watched the lessons multiple times, even sometimes watching ahead, because the more they see it, the more they will remember it. They caught on to individual words quickly.

The workbooks included practice and review with typical workbook questions, as well as word puzzles, games, geography lessons, fast facts, and idioms.  One interesting idiom was "the last Coca-Cola in the desert" which means someone thinks they are "all that and a bag of chips."  (See what I did there?)

The colorful books are made of sturdy, thick paper, but the pages do have a glossy or waxy finish.  This does make writing with a pencil a bit tricky.

The Guide for Teachers and Parents walks you through the lessons and even gives a time frame for the daily objectives.  Some lessons at the beginning only schedule a portion of the video.  Later, lessons include longer video segments, certain assignments from the workbook, applying stickers, or playing a game.  The first few pages of the first TM are particularly important as they explain the teaching philosophy of Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids.  Everything is planned out for you.

The included stickers are intended to be used to label objects around the home.  There are three sheets of stickers for each lesson.  This is great practice for translating.  The boys needed to remember what each word meant and then find something suitable on which to apply the stickers from the set, reinforcing the vocabulary being taught.  There are multiple copies of many of the words.

The Go Squish game is played similarly to a Spanish speaking version of Go Fish, with the vocabulary flash cards included for each lesson.  The more players you have, the more lesson sets you need to use.  You can also play with the cards like a memory game, matching the written word with a picture from the video stories.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is a fun, relatable Spanish curriculum that the whole family will enjoy.  I might actually learn some Spanish!

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids can be purchase as lessons on DVDs or as online access (a free 48 hour trial is available).  The back to school sale continues through August 31, 2016 and includes $5 domestic shipping.

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