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Aug 3, 2016

CTCMath TOS Review

CTCMath was developed as an online math tutor in Australia.  The developer and main voice of CTCMath is Pat Murray, math teacher and father of ten.  The lessons consist of a video of just several minutes long followed by and a question section, completed right online.  The lessons can be viewed and attempted as many times as necessary.  Our family has been reviewing CTCMath Homeschool Membership.  The boys were getting pretty sick of workbook math, so we've been using CTCMath as our main (but not only) math for this review period.

When I set up our accounts, I went to the parents' website first.  By clicking Add A Student, I was able to enter the  names of each of the boys and create a user name and password for them.  Then I set what is an acceptable passing grade for them.  Once that was done, I went to the CTCMath website and they access the site via Student Login.  Some browsers will save log in information for you.  I declined this because they'd each be logging in and out pretty regularly.  

One of my favorite things about CTCMath is having full access to the entire website, making it easy to place my children exactly where they need to be.  For instance, Malachi is using CTCMath fourth and fifth grade, but he can access sixth grade in some areas.  If anyone needs a refresher on a few topics, we can easily switch back and forth.  The great thing about math is that you keep covering a lot of the same topics year after year, you just build on the knowledge already gained.  So, if long division is too difficult, go back a grade and review.  Xavier is finishing up third and working on fourth grade work.  Merrick has started using some CTCMath kindergarten as well.  You don't need to test your child, work through unnecessary lower level topics, or ask an administrator to move them ahead (or back).  Simply click on a different grade level.

We completed lessons, but I also used CTCMath for our reports to the state.  Diagnostic testing was a great option for that.  I chose some areas of math that I wanted to show the state in their portfolios.  They were topics that we had already covered and I just had them do the test (short, standard, or comprehensive) questions to print and mail in with their enrollment paperwork for next year.

One of the things I remember wishing for the last time I reviewed CTCMath was the ability for teachers to assign tasks to students.  This is available now and I really appreciate that feature.  Before I applied it, I noticed that Xavier was working on the same thing in two different grades!  He basically was wasting all the time spent in the lower level for the subject.  Now I don't have to worry about him forgetting which grade he is in.  That does actually happen in some homeschools!

Because we used CTCMath a lot to close out the 2015-2016 year, the boys haven't had the opportunity to earn many awards.  Now that we've submitted our paperwork for the year, we'll be using it more for lessons.  They enjoy getting the printable certificates, but the state doesn't accept overall grades without seeing the work that has been completed.  I received an email showing that Xavier had earned a certificate, but when I looked, he was working in third grade again!  sigh...  Another reason why assigning tasks will be very handy.  Poor Mal will likely never earn a certificate in measurement.  He still can't get a high enough score when measuring millimeters.  He's often off by one!

I've been gently suggesting to Malachi that he might find it helpful in some instances to keep a piece of scrap paper handy for figuring.  It only took him five weeks to give it a try and he was amazed at how much better he did after that.  He now has a 79% in the entirety of the multiplication section for his grade.  He wants to work to get that up to 100%.   I'm super proud of him planning to work hard and getting excited to put in some effort in math.

I can see detailed reports at my parent log in any time that I want.  I can see Activity information (who logged in, when, and for how long), Awards that have been earned (which I can print and save), and the Weekly Reports (which are also emailed to me).  Each child's account is there with all their log in information, how many lessons they completed, and overall grade.  It doesn't include the diagnostic testing they did, though.

This is also where I can assign tasks.  I can assign tasks to one student, some, or all, even hiding the grade level from the boys.

Under a student profile, I can quickly see
  • Detailed Report, 
  • Summary Report, 
  • Diagnostic Tests, 
  • Tasks, 
  • Awards, 
  • Speed Skills, 
  • and History.
Speed Skills are available in four levels.
  • Level 1 - addition and subtraction
  • Level 2 - addition, subtraction, and multiplication
  • Level 3 - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Level 4 - addition, subtraction, mixed multiplication and division, division with remainders, and order of operations 

Other games are Times Tales Shoot 'em Ups and Swap Pieces.

I tried CTCMath on the internet on my Android phone.  I could play the videos and answer the questions, but unfortunately it took a lot of adjusting to see the whole thing on the screen.  There was scrolling up and down.  I also used it on my Kindle using Silk.  This worked much better, especially vertically displayed, which was the opposite of what I would have expected.  Both of these options took a moment to load the video, though not a long wait.  The touch screen on the Kindle worked very well for Merrick's dot graphs.  Speed skills did not work on either device.

We really enjoy CTCMath and I will definitely be using it as part of our regular schooling.  Any time these yahoos like math, it's a keeper.  Whether you're looking for a complete math curriculum or a supplement, these online video lessons and math games are perfect for all ages, kindergarten to adult.

CTCMath Homeschool Membership is available with many purchasing options for single student or multiple students.  There are monthly, 6 month, and twelve month selections to fit your needs and your budget.  Also, if you subscribe to their email, you'll receive notifications of CTCMath's sale.

CTCMath on social media.
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CTCMath Review

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