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Oct 28, 2010


It's funny (and thrilling) to me when the boys mention something they learned weeks or even months ago. This morning, when the sky was clear and the sun was shining, Mal told me that this bright sun was the same sun that is charging the batteries on the Mars Rover that we studied during Rocking Robots.

While watching What's in the Bible? DVD 1 (I think it's 1), Quacky the Duck rides his tricycle to Italy, which we all know is shaped like a boot. We learned that from Pizza Party.

Xav remembers that birds migrate in a V formation, even though the poor kid was sick on the day we got to practice V formations in Walk Like the Animals class. It just isn't as much fun with three people as it was with the whole class.

Some days, it seems like they don't "get" anything. And then they prove me wrong. Some little something did sink in.

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