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May 18, 2017

Q is for beQueathing a Legacy

Here we are blogging through the alphabet.  Q is late.  So are a few other letters.  I told you, sometimes the letters are easy, sometimes not so much.  Q was not easy until this week.  Well, with a bit of cheating, Q was easy this week.

This week, my grandma died.  The last of my grandparents.  She has been ailing for a long time.  Had she lived just another month, she would have been NINETY-SEVEN years old.  Someone told me to "cherish the memories" I have of her.  I can't help but juxtapose my memories of this grandma against my memories of my other grandma.  Every person is different and shows love in different ways.  My grandmas were night and day.  One loved to spend time with the grandkids, the other barely seemed to notice us.

When I look back, the one thing I know is that one loved me as much as any human could love another.   And I do not have any idea if the other grandmother had any strong feelings for me one way or the other.

To beQueath something is to pass something from one person to another (generally by a will).

A legacy is a gift left via a will, an inheritance or birthright.

I cannot think of a better gift to leave to your family than for them to know how very much you love them. 

If you think there is any question in the minds of your children or grandchildren that you love them, please take the time to build those relationships.  Don't leave them wondering if, or flat out doubting that, you have real feelings for them.  My boys are so blessed.  They have three sets of grandparents who talk to them and play with them.  We don't see them all the time because of distance, but the time spent is usually pretty high quality.  I don't think a single one of the punks will ever think that they weren't loved by their grandparents.

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