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May 11, 2017

Firstborn Boy

Happy birthday, Dave!
With his brothers.
Ah, what to say to the birthday child that hasn't been said in all of these years?  I may not have the coveted "FIRST" spot to wish you a happy birthday today on The Facebook, but no one can ever beat the mama to your first ever happy birthday.

First picture.  First time dressed as an alien.  First apartment.  LOL

You are my son, my friend, my truest first love.  You're funny (though a bit dark).  You're a pretty responsible guy.  There's no one else I would have wanted to "grow up" with.  I am so proud of the man you have become.

Such a little man.  With Loki and Ti.  (Short for Titanic Turbo Killer Kitten.)

You made me a mommy the day before Mother's Day.  The most wonderful Mother's Day gift a girl can receive.

With aunts, uncle, and cousins.  Top right: check out his hair.  Bottom right: not keen on a baby cousin.

I wrote this about you on The Facebook in 2012.
On this day in 1985, at 9:29 PM, I gave birth to my first son. He had tons of black hair. Who knew that 6.5 lb bundle would so completely rock my world? We grew up together, laughed and cried together, played together. I learned about the incredible bond with and love for our children that you don't understand until you have your own child. I experienced his fears and celebrated his achievements. I wished I could be sick in his place when he was ill. I would, and sometimes did, give up anything for him. I dreamed for him. I pray for him. I love him. Happy birthday Dave! Mom

The hair.

 Happy birthday to my number one son.  I love you!

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