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Feb 28, 2017

Math Mammoth ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Math is a big struggle here.  Pretty sure I've mentioned that before.  Maybe several times.  While the punks are good with most concepts there are a few holes we struggle over and over to fill.  One or the other is better at some things, but I decided to just run both the bigger littles through Add & Subtract 2-A, Clock, and Money from Math Mammoth's Blue Series.  If you're looking for a complete year of grade level math, their Light Blue series books are available for 1st to 7th.

These units are available as a download, CD, or in print.  Our books came as a download.  I had no trouble grabbing them and saving them to my computer.  We used these workbooks *in addition to* the math we were already using.  The boys have learned many concepts in the upper elementary range, but they just have an awful time remembering these three concepts.  Rote memorization of addition facts is just not working for us, so we keep looking for new ways to practice the use of facts without being boring.

Each "worktext" contains the student worksheets as well as the instruction part of the lessons.  You will not have need of a teacher's manual to instruct on these topics. A full list of answers is in the back of the book.  The copyright allows for one teacher or parent to make copies as needed for their class or family.  Each of the individual math units are very affordable.

Math Mammoth Clock
Clock - for grades 1-3. This unit covers reading the clock, writing the time in several ways, the passage of time, and using a calendar.
80 pages
The approximate grade level equivalents are
  • 1st to the half hour
  • 2nd five minute increments
  • 3rd to the exact minute
You may really want a practice clock of some sort.  One of my guys used it extensively.  The booklet starts using only the hour hand at first and then adds in the minute hand.  Students learn half hour, then five minute intervals, and finally, to the minute time telling.  They will also learn to calculate the passage of time and finally the calendar.  While we are still working on the clock segment, I'm not concerned about the calendar part for these guys.

Math Mammoth U.S. Money
Money - for grades 1-3. In US Money, students learn to count coins and dollars, make purchases and count the change, and add money.
56 pages
The realistic looking coins and color clip art still printed nicely on my black and white printer.  I really appreciated this because I *have* used money work sheets that looked atrocious when printed and were nearly impossible to differentiate some of the coins.  The use of real currency is an option for many of the exercises.  Xav has gotten very good at counting his own money and is often counting it to "save up" for some thing or other.

Math Mammoth Add and Subtract 2-A
Add &Subtract 2 A - for grades 1-2. Students learn to add with numbers 0-100, this book does not cover carrying or borrowing.
71 pages
The punks are learning strategies to help them to remember adding and subtracting numbers 0-20, using memory "tricks" like doubles and one more.  They'll learn difference, word problems, and fact families using number rainbows, dots, and number lines.

I wish I had chosen Add & Subtract 2-B which covers carrying and borrowing.  Other than that, I am very happy with the units and the progression through each of them.  They're so affordable, I will have no problem purchasing 2-B and beyond.

Blue Series individual math units cover many other topics, including multiplication, geometry, fractions, and place value.  The units together cover all the necessary subject matter for grades 1-6, as well as some of grade 7 math.  This table tells you how to place your child in each of the grade levels and books.

I printed out a week worth of sheets for both punks in each of the books.  Some days, we were out of our home for co-op or sports, so we completed about three or four days with Math Mammoth over the review period.  While it is easier for them to use the books as printed worksheets, there is an option for filling out the sheets on the computer with Adobe Reader.  If you have a student who does well using the computer for this type of work, it's a great option.

Sheets for the week.

We're about half to a third of the way through Addition & Subtraction 2-A and Money.  It will take us longer to work through the clock booklet.  It's a bit longer and it's more difficult for one of the punks.  Every segment of the book regularly reviews the topics that have been covered.

Online song, games, and videos can be found on the included safe resources lists that reinforce the concepts being taught.  In this subtraction video, the author, Maria Miller, talks about fact families and that she does not advocate drilling facts.  She got me right there, because we have been working on this for years.  Drilling doesn't work for all kids.  (Confession:  I use "tricks" of my own for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I have not memorized these facts yet.  Well, some I know instantly, others not.)

I had hoped to use the clock unit with Merrick at this time (he just turned five).  I'm afraid that will have to wait.  While he is able to read hours, those few minutes before the next hour are confusing.  The unit progressed way too quickly for the little guy.  That's not a reflection of the book, just saying that my five year old will not be using it *this year*.  I definitely plan to use each of them when he is ready for the concepts covered.

I really liked the convenience of individual topics.  We often talk about how homeschoolers can be at different grade levels in various subjects, but no one seems to ever discuss that a child can be all over the place in one subject.  This can really make it difficult to educate the punks.  I know that I had been holding them back in all math when they weren't progressing or improving in some areas.  I wish someone had been more open with this information with me once upon a time.  I hope that this review can help someone else in a similar situation.

The Light Blue Series from Math Mammoth is a complete course by grade level.

You can find Math Mammoth on social media.

If you also have a Homeschool Planet subscription with the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op, there are lesson plans available.  I don't have a subscription, so I really can't tell you much about that, but several of the Crew members did gain access to those lessons.  Go ahead and check them out. We were offered the opportunity to review many different books in the Blue and Light Blue series of math products, including international options.  Click through and see if anyone used something your students might benefit from.

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth Reviews}

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