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Feb 1, 2017

C is for "Can You Eat Just One?"

So, I haven't talked much about my weight loss/get healthy journey lately, but I had decided to not knock myself out over the holiday season.  With Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas dinner and parties to look forward to, I knew I could get myself into quite a funk over all I was "giving up" to lose weight.  Instead I focused on maintaining my weight loss and finding more ways to keep fit.

I'm pleased to say, I did quite well and rarely felt like I was missing out on anything delicious.  However, I did find these tasty little morsels and decided to enjoy a few.  I did not read the bag before hand and promptly ate 7 (that's seven) teeny, tiny little chips.  Then I put them away, all satisfied with myself for not scarfing down the whole bag.  When I returned to the treats a day or two later, I knew I wanted to pay a bit more attention and was shocked *SHOCKED* I tell you to discover that THREE chips is a serving.  Seriously.  I took out my handy-dandy weight watchers scanner and found out a serving was seven Smart Points.   I totally felt cheated.  The seven chips I ate the other day were more than half of my daily allotment of Smart Points.

I ended up eating one chip each day until those puppies were gone, one 2-point chip.  So the answer to the ancient Lay's Potato Chip question, "Can you eat just one?" is yes.  Yes, I can.  Even if that chip is a tasty dark chocolate coated chip.

And seriously, Google images for Lay's "Betcha Can't Eat Just One" ad campaign from the '80s.

Well, do that *after* you go see what everyone else wrote for the letter C this week.

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Annette V said...

this post made me grin. It did! :)

do you find the point system works better than just simply counting calories??

zekesmom10 said...

Hi Annette,

I like it. I don't like the cost of membership. But the nice thing about the point system is that most fruits and vegetable (which you would have to count using calories) are zero Smart Points. Sometimes, I make a veggie soup and eat that - point free. Or I'll have a salad and add things like chicken or egg, croutons, craisins. It's loaded with goodies and those are the only things I have to count.

On the downside, I made a beef soup and entered the recipe in my WW app. My husband asked about calories. I only knew the points!

TaMara Sloan said...

My kids love those chips, and I can promise you that they couldn't stop with 1 so I applaud you for being able to do that. I've started calorie counting recently, but I wonder if I would do better with the WW Smart Points system.