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Aug 7, 2010

School Preparations

We have been tidying up and organizing our school supplies. It really is crazy how much has fallen into our laps at little or no cost to us. I am having fun figuring out how to repurpose things we already have, though I have purchased a few things.

I'm really interested in Sue Patrick's Workbox System, but honestly, those carts are too big and really more than we need for PK and K. I found these great carts for only $9 at WalMart in a variety of colors. Mal chose green and Xav chose blue, so I thought it would make things simpler if I could color code my kids. Unfortunately, they don't want to be blue or green, so I can only color code their things. I wanted more than three spaces for each day, so I dug out these old wall files. They are the same color, but a few coordinating file folders and the littles now have six spaces available every day. There will also be plenty of things we can do together that are educational *and* fun that won't go in their individual boxes. Nifty.

I recently won a gift certificate for Tikatok from Lesson Pathways Blog. It will be so much fun to build a book for the boys. There are so many themes to choose from.

The most exciting school related news is, literally, an answer to my prayers. I know I've educated my boys since birth, but I am so nervous about "teaching" them! Well, after receiving a Download N Go Unit Study last year (Autumn Treasures) and seeing the beautiful, thorough study DNG created, I "fanned" them on FaceBook (though I guess now I "Like" them - and you can too, by clicking on their Facebook link to the right).

Anyway, word went out that DNG was looking for families to review some unit studies. I actually ignored the first call, because I have about six followers plus a bevy of friends and family who read this blog and my sporadic posts. Bevy = a large group. Technically, that doesn't apply. I just wanted to use the word bevy. Then I felt like I had missed the boat by not jumping on this wonderful opportunity to use these studies with my boys. Thankfully, a second status mentioned there was still a need for reviewers and I thought, "why not?", popped off an email and the next thing I know, I'm a member of the Download N Go reviewers!

Then, THEN there is a call to help The Old Schoolhouse Magazine with some reviews and I've been selected for one of those groups as well! Can you imagine how excited I am to have these incredible resources? God has answered my prayer to help me teach my children this year.

Stay tuned next weekend to hear how our time with the DNG unit study turned out AND... a giveaway! I will be giving away one copy of Roller Coasters!

Whew! I think that is the most links in one post ever. :)

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