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Aug 31, 2010

Memory Verses

I found instructions online for a memory verse box. It was a Charlotte Mason related post, though I just don't know now where I found the information.

*** I just found the link for the memory verse box. ***

I used a Really Useful box from Staples. I chose the 4x6" size, which I believe is 1.6 litre. We are also using these to help organize photos.I love being able to repurpose some of our stuff. These cards came from old photo boxes (the long boxes from craft stores). I labeled them like this, DAILY, ODD and EVEN, MONDAY thru SUNDAY, and numbered 1 - 31.You choose a verse to learn and place it behind DAILY. Every day you go over this verse a few times. Don't worry about how long it takes you and your family to memorize. Take as long as you need. Once it is memorized, place it behind an ODD or EVEN card and put a new verse behind DAILY. Each time you memorize a new verse, you will move the cards back one set (ODD/EVEN, WEEKDAYS, Numbers). So on Tuesday, August 31, assuming you had enough cards in each section, you would read the verses filed under DAILY, ODD (because 31 is an odd number), TUESDAY, and 31.I intend to incorporate our Christian Friday School verses into the box and maybe we will have some memorized this year.

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Jenny said...

What a great idea!! I intend on giving this a try with our family :)