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Jun 3, 2017

T is for Time Changer

One of my favorite Christian films ever is Time Changer.  I think I've mentioned it before.  The movie was released in 2002.  It takes place in the year 1890.  Well, sort of.  It starts out then, but a Biblical scholar, played by D. David Morin, is sent into the future by a colleague.  He soon learns that teaching children morals without teaching about Jesus Christ leads to terrible changes in the world as he knew it.  Even in the modern church, he is startled by the actions of members of the congregation.

The cast is actually pretty good (Gavin McLeod, Hal Linden, Jennifer O'Neill, and Paul Rodriguez), so the acting is better than a lot of older Christian films and TV shows.

I love time travel films and this was no exception.  I enjoy Christian films and this one did not let me down.  There are a lot of moments while Russell Carlisle is struggling to understand this future and all of the strange things he sees.  Some of it is pretty humorous.  Not "guffaw" funny, but humorous.

One of my favorite lines is “Satan is not against good morals, he’s against Jesus Christ.”

Anyway, it's a film I enjoyed and every now and then, it reappears on Netflix and I watch it.  It's one of those movies that, once you see it a few times, you can do something else in the room and follow along without worrying that you've missed anything.

If you're looking for a more recent, low budget Christian flick, bring the time machine back to 2016 and watch The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.  We just watched that and I really enjoyed it.  Another predictable plot, but with some fun twists and great characters.

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