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Apr 18, 2017

Day 2 N is for Notes ~ Scripture Memorization

Welcome back to Day 2 of Hiding the Word in Their Hearts!

One thing I know really helps *me* memorize a verse is saying it frequently throughout the day.  The most likely way I will do that is if I see it regularly.  For years now, I've added notes to the bathroom mirror.  I've used the markers and crayons that crayola makes to write on glass, but usually all that takes is one shower to cause it to run and make a mess.  I started making post it notes.  Sometimes, they are a new verse I want to memorize and sometimes, they are of an uplifting or encouraging verse that I already know, but may need to be reminded of.

I also have this verse with a picture of my boys right where I see it every morning when I get dressed.

 Confession:  That is not the whole picture.  Some days are rough.

And this one hangs on our fridge.

At Walmart, I found this sweet box of cards to be colored.  I like coloring, but I don't do it often.  It seems sort of like the kind of thing someone with scads of free time can do.  I get out my special Faber-Castell pencils and no one else can use them.  :)

We know repetition aids with memory, so there's no wrong way to make notes for yourself or your family.  Any place in your house or car or work that you will look at regularly is a *perfect* place for scriptural encouragement.

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Linda S said...

Repetition is absolutely essential! Love the ways you put Scripture before your eyes each day. For myself, I have to change up the places I put them, because my brain begins to be blind to something that's been in the same spot for too long. Moving it to the other side of the mirror or cabinet door once in a while catches my attention and keeps it fresh.

zekesmom10 said...

I have to do that sometimes, too, Linda. I just have some regular places. Sometimes, I put something in my wallet or the dash of my car. Any place that works is all good.

Annette V said...

good ideas....never thought to use the mirror before. :)

Rebecca C. said...

Thanks for the great ideas.

At Home where life happens said...

Love it! We are also trying hard to surround ourselves with scripture and positive reminders, to always be filled with God's love and His word. And yes, some days are just rough! God's word is a good pick-me-up, though. Thanks for this beautiful post.- Lori

Renee K. said...

Thanks for sharing. Good ideas to get our kiddos to remember the scriptures.