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Mar 17, 2017

Stella was a fickle storm.

Stella has finally moved on and we're still moving snow.  It's funny how much snow was forecast for much of the areas to be hit by her, including the cities, that never materialized.  We, however, received *plenty* of the white stuff.  After the 22.25 inches I shared with you the other day, I know we had three more "shovels" of about 3-4 inches each for a grand total of around 31-34 inches.  Luckily, it is settling down and getting damper with the sun shining on it.  It's no longer dry enough to be blown all over (making driving dangerous) and the kids can make snow people and tunnels and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Daddy got the roof rake out and pulled a bunch of snow into a substantial pile in the front yard which will be made into a wonderful fort this weekend.  The boys were forbidden from digging into, climbing on, and otherwise touching this snow.

Roads were still pretty cruddy over most of the area yesterday.  Some places much cruddier than others.  Even so, we ventured out to Tae Kwon Do and AWANA.  We lived to tell about it.

I'm glad to see the end of the storm even though it didn't greatly effect us this time.  We didn't lose power and Dad worked from home.

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