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Mar 25, 2017

J is for Me {5Things}

I've never done this before, but today I'm writing about myself, Jodi.  I've told you things about me and a bit of my weight loss journey.  I've told you my #OneWord a few times.  My About Me blurb just says, "I'm a homeschooling, Jesus loving, wife and mother. I'm Learning to be a Light."  Hmm... that's pretty short and vague.  I might need to update that.

A rare sight on my blog.  Me!

So, here's J is for Jodi and Journey.

Today, I'm sharing #5Things about me and expanding on the About Me section.

1. Homeschooling.  I started homeschooling *many* years ago (the bigger will be 32 this year).  He belonged to a program through our school in NY where he attended classes at the vocational facility 8th grade through high school.  The problem started when the district decided to save some money and not send that class to the BOCES campus and educated them in town.  They did not take gym.  For years.  I knew this would not go well, but I *assumed* they had figured this all out.  I was wrong.  He was starting 11th grade when we moved to another district and (surprise, surprise) he did not have the required PE credits to graduate on time.  Suddenly, I have a kid in 11th grade taking triple gym classes (12th grade would have been double PE).  I asked about other ways he could earn the credits and was told classes at the Y could substitute for the missed credits.  When it was time to get the credits at the end of the semester, they would not award them.  So, I pulled him from school and began our homeschool journey.  A few months later when we moved to Vermont, he took his GED and the kid who was failing chemistry because he did not have a free period for labs, now had an HSE diploma with a nice high score attached to it.

That was it for us.  Micah was completely OK with me staying home once we started having children.  He was "co-op schooled" in NY for grade school, so had a pretty good idea how this would all go.

2. Jesus loving.  I struggle with this one a lot.  Not the loving Jesus part, but the *living* Jesus part.  Seeing all the Christian self-help books available out there, I'd guess I'm not alone.

3. Wife.  I have the most amazing husband.  He's smart and loving.  He's the hardest worker I know.  And he's *funny*!  He makes me laugh every day!  The wife part, well, I'm not great, but I like to think I bring him a bit of joy and make his days a bit easier, too.  Most of the time.

4. Mom.  The bigger, the bigger littles (or middles, I guess), and the little (who also is not so little anymore) call me Old Lady, Ma, Mom, Mommy, Mama, The Meanest Mom in the World...  The days are monotonous and long, I won't lie.  The years are incredible.  The fears seem overwhelming.  I've stopped praying for God to make me a better mother and helping the kids control themselves and have started praying for God to help me defeat my fears *through Him*.  It feels good.  When I remember to pray...

5. Learning to be a Light.  I actually started a blog on this.  And promptly stopped writing in it.  I keep pretty much everything here on Insane in the Mombrain now.  It was a prettier, girlier blog than this one!  I liked my post on Lent over there.  (It isn't difficult to spot, I only have two posts up!)

So, there you have it, a bit about me.

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annette @ A net in time said...

It was good to stop in and get to know you a bit better Jodi. The "remembering to pray" thing is so real eh? If we would remember to pray more... then we would see God's grace in action a bit more clearly I think.

Renee K. said...

Thanks for sharing and letting us get to know you more.

MommyBugg said...

I love it! Learning to be a light...yes.
Was reading about that this morning.
How important for us to be that bright shining light <3

Linda S said...

Hello, Jodi! How nice to be able to know you a little better. I imagine you are a joy and a light to those around you. You are a blessing!