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Oct 20, 2016

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury A Homeschool Crew Review

Todd Wilson might be a familiar name to you.  He's written books about homeschooling for years, as well as being a cartoonist, blogger, speaker, and dad.  I own several of his books for homeschool moms.  I appreciate his humor and I admit I'm partial to the homeschooling cartoon about "Jodi" dreaming about putting her kids on the bus.  *ahem*

Todd Wilson, also known as The Familyman, has written eight Christmas stories to enhance your family time this year.  Six of the audios are included in The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection which is available on CDs or as MP3 digital downloads.  While the stories are not rewrites of events from Bible times, all of the stories are Biblically based.  Mr. Wilson wanted the Christmas books he read with his children to point them to Jesus.  He wanted them to be *about* CHRISTmas.  He has succeeded in that and included liberal use of The Familyman's humor.  These audio books are read by Jim Hodges.

Six books are in The Familyman's Christmas Treasury.

  • Captain Chaos and The Manger Blaster - Jason thinks he can tell a better Christmas story than the boring one about a baby in a manger.  He says some harsh words he probably really didn't mean.  That evening, after being sent to his room, Captain Chaos appears and blasts the manger off the face of the earth!  With the manger eradicated, what happens to Christmas?  More importantly, how can anyone get to heaven?  No one is kidding with Jason.  It's against regulations.
  • Cootie McKay's Nativity - I think this one is my absolute favorite!  When old Mrs. Nichols smashes the town nativity with her car, Dad asks Cootie McKay to make a new one by next Thanksgiving.  Trouble is, Cootie McKay doesn't even know who Jesus is!  As the year unfolds, Cootie not only reads about Jesus' birth, but his teachings, his death, and his resurrection.  Jesus is alive!  Cootie works for months on the new nativity.  No one even gets a glimpse of it.  Then one morning, Dad starts getting phone calls...
  • The Stranger - The year of the Big Snow, a stranger came to town.  His visit made everyone nervous.  Except for Sam and his family, the whole church had been visited by the stranger in the week leading up to Christmas.  Then, on Christmas Eve, the stranger visits Sam's family.  Who *is* this scraggly visitor named Jesse?  Why is he visiting everyone in the church?  And where did he go when he left Sam's house?  This story is Merrick's favorite.
  • The Bishop's Dream - The bishop is a modest man who loves and tends to the very poorest souls in Myra.  He is brought into modern day at Christmas time and is shocked to discover that "Santa Claus" has become more loved than Jesus.  The bishop's name is Nicholas. 
  • Harold Grubbs and the Christmas Vest - Isaac's dad has a very special Christmas vest.  How did he get it from the meanest man in town?  What secrets are kept in the pockets?
  • and Gladys Remembers Christmas - Gladys hated Christmas almost as much as she hated her name.  UGH!  This one brings me close to tears!  Gladys' mother died when she was young.  Her father took care of her and her brothers, but she never really felt loved.  Now she is all grown up and her father has gone to a nursing home.  While getting something from the house for her father, she is visited by her mother (Don't worry, it isn't a ghost story!).  Gladys begins to remember a childhood Christmas with her mother who tells her she is loved by her parents, but even more by Jesus.  I think this one is so moving because I can't help but think about the poor little girl who grew up feeling so unloved.
There are two other stories available.
  • It's Called Christmas - We've received a message from the future.  Everyone *then* is having a "happy holiday" until the man at the mall starts covertly mentioning Christmas.  No one knows what Christmas is, not even Maxine, the computer that knows everything you might possibly ask it.  Soon a few people are clandestinely gathering together in a home and reading from Mr. Z's little book.  Then, one day Mr. Z disappears.  This story was full of intrigue and the boys liked it.  After, Xav had questions about Mr. Z's disappearance that I just couldn't answer, though.  I'm just going to pretend he went underground, and continued spreading the news of Christmas.
  • The Secret of the Snow Village - Grandma's snow village beckons.  What secrets can the people of the village reveal to those who are willing to listen?  Katherine and her cousins are visiting Grandma.  She just can't stop staring at the little village and its inhabitants.  Was it all a dream?  Regardless, Katherine has a message to share.

I loaded the Christmas Treasury right to my phone.  I had planned to use them in the car, but you'd be surprised how often I get asked to start up a story while we're sitting at home.  The boys are so still and quiet while they listen again and again.  When one story ends, they call out which they want to hear next.  After two or three, I have to say that's enough for now!  They could listen to them half the day!

Each recording is approximately 20 minutes long and of a high quality.  If your family enjoys Christian audio books, they are sure to love The Familyman's Christmas Treasury.  Purchase the six digital downloads or all eight Christmas story books in The Familyman store.

We've been enjoying these Christmas stories for weeks already and I'm pretty sure we'll be listening for years to come.  I'm not kidding.  I never kid.  It's against regulations.  *wink*

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