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Oct 1, 2016

My Journey ~ Weight Loss September 2016

I was sick for a weigh in this month.  That stunk.  I ended up not knowing my final September weight was.  I did get one of the charms for my key ring that I was waiting for.  10% y'all!  That's pretty neat.

Some people have asked what new things I tried each week for the Weight Watchers Try-A-Thon.
The foods included moussaka and spanakopita (both of which I bought at the farmer's market) and squash.  Activities I tried were hula hooping (which I've learned to do just in the last year, but hadn't done in a while) and canoeing across a lake with a boat full of kids and one of the co-op dads.  The canoeing was actually terrifying.  Lakes are yucky.  Rivers are yucky.  Ponds are yucky.  The ocean is probably yucky.  Pools.  I like pools.  But I pulled off the canoeing without terrifying kiddos with my own fears and without dumping anyone.

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