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May 2, 2016

Mal at the Pediatrician

A few weeks ago, I was looking back on my old posts for the day. I was made angry all over again over a nurse who, many years back, *jokingly* told Mal he needed ten shots that day. Who tells a kid that kind of thing?

Anyway, he needed two shots at his check up yesterday. He still isn't 100% himself, so when he asked me while we were waiting if I'd make him a milk shake when we got home, I told him yes. The nurses started discussing milk shakes with him and asked him to bring some back for them next time he comes in. One said she liked chocolate.
When we left, Mal took them completely at their word and told me he was concerned because the nurse in purple never said what flavor she liked. I have a feeling I'll be making milk shakes at this time next year!

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