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Apr 28, 2016

Things We Do For PE in Our Homeschool - Swim Lessons

Grandma and Papa provided swim lessons for the boys.  As usual, only Mal and Xav were able to participate, so Merrick was bored and displeased.  He behaved himself, but it wasn't as good as swimming, too.  Miss Laurel is a terrific teacher.  The boys all loved her right away.  She had Xavier floating on his back, sort of doing a front crawl, and kicking himself along on his back during the four weeks we spent with her.  Mal still hates to get his face wet, but I think if he had to, he could dog paddle.

If family members ask what they can give the kids for birthdays or Christmas, lessons are a great option.  And they don't take up more space at home.

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Dawn Rebekah said...

We love swimming.
Blessings, Dawn