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Apr 7, 2016

Things We Do For PE in our Homeschool - Gymnastics

I'm waiting, perhaps a bit impatiently, to see what classes our small community recreation committee will be offering this summer.  Usually, the options are team sports which we just don't enjoy as much as the more individual activities.  Last year, Mal and Xav were enrolled in a gymnastics class.  The classes were held at the elementary gymnasium and, luckily for the instructor, the boys participated at two different times.  Seriously, that is one bit of advice I offer whenever we participate in any class, activity, or organization.

In 2014, I reviewed the book A Life in Balance about Frank Belgau and written by his son Eric.  In the appendix, I found suggestions for watching and analyzing children's movement to gain insight into their learning abilities by using many of the (very fun!) activities listed. I realized quickly through that observation that my boys could use more of this type of physical activity to develop not only their bodies, but their brains as well.

A larger town over has a much more active rec committee, but the trade off is financial.  Non-residents pay significantly more to take advantage of those classes.

Look into your area recreation committees for free and inexpensive phys ed options.

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