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May 20, 2016

Memoria Press Logic TOS Review

For a while now, I've been curious about classical education, but I didn't know much about it, if it's for us, and if it is, how to switch to it.  I never had any real exposure to it and didn't know how to implement it.  When Memoria Press offered their Traditional Logic I Complete Set for review, I was very interested.  This introduction to formal logic is for adults and students in grades 7-12, or the dialectic and rhetoric stages.  My yahoos are firmly planted in the grammar stage, so I offered myself up as a guinea pig willing student.

What's included?
  • Student Book - 164 page softcover book consisting of an introduction, three main sections (Simple Apprehension, Judgement, and Deductive Inference), review, and a short glossary.
  • Quizzes and Tests - This book contains quizzes and the final exam for this entire course.  The pages are perforated for removal.
  • Teacher Key - A 54 page book includes the answers to both the student book and the quizzes and tests book.
  • DVD - This two disc set contains a lesson for the introduction and each chapter in the book.  Disc 1 covers the introduction thru chapter seven and you can print the slides for the lessons.  Disc 2 contains chapters 8-13.  You can see book and a video samples on the Memoria Press website.
Nothing else is necessary to complete this class.

I learned there are several types of logic and this course is the study of traditional formal logic, based on the work done by Aristotle.  When I read the words "calculus of proportions" and "mathematical formulations" in the Note to the Teacher in the student book, I wondered what I was getting into.  It made me very happy to find out this was modern logic and there would be none of that here!  Thank you, Martin Cothran.  This course was developed for homeschoolers and co-op type gatherings.

I very quickly realized I was in over my head!  Nothing in my public high school or community college years had me prepared for this *introduction* to logic.  However, thankfully, I realized the Introduction was where all the terms were thrown at you fast and furious.  The chapters weren't simplified, I just mean that all of the terms and concepts from the introduction were covered again with more detail and it felt less confusing to me.  The first three chapters (we're told in the Note to the Teacher), can be skipped over and done at a later date if they are unclear. 

The chapters in the book are read entirely on the first day of the week, then reading portions of the same chapter each day, reading the entire chapter twice in a week.  The exercises are intended for a four day "week" with some chapters having review sections also to be completed on the 4th day.  The exercise questions mainly consist of short answer, T/F, and matching questions.  I felt very constrained by the amount of space to write in the actual student text, so after the first day, I grabbed a notebook.

I took my books with me often and usually completed my "homework" during Tae Kwon Do or while the boys played on the playground.  I think it was good for them to see that Mom is still interested in learning.

I still haven't decided if it is better to watch the DVD before or after the workbook.  It was so different from the kind of educational videos we normally watch around here with the Littles.  It reminded me of, basically, a college lecture.  That's not a criticism.  It was kind of nice to watch something a bit less exciting than Talking Word Factory or Liberty's Kids!

Memoria Press has a forum that has fairly heavy traffic compared to many other curriculum provider's forum.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is really a whole community.

I still don't know a lot about classical education, but I'm definitely still interested.  And someday down the road, I'm pretty sure a few boys will be taking this class.  I'm hoping they're better prepared than I was.  I'm pretty sure I have yet to do Spock proud.

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