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Mar 12, 2016

Merrick at the Pediatrician

I. Am. Kicking. Myself.

Merrick and Xav had their yearly physical last week and I forgot my phone!  I will sometimes snap a picture or three while we're there.  Poor Merrick had a nervous breakdown when we pulled into the parking lot that day.  In fact, every time we get near it now he asks if I'm taking him there unless he knows *exactly* where we're going.  It was heart breaking.

Well, he had brought BooBear with him, which is unusual.  He doesn't generally drag him to the car anymore.  Merrick spent Xav's entire physical hiding under my coat and peeking out to watch what was happening.  When it was finally his turn, he wouldn't let them touch him until BooBear had a physical.  The nurse obliged and checked our little bear's ears and even found a tiny, baby blood pressure cuff.  Merrick still wasn't thrilled, but he did submit to the nurse's prodding, poking, and coordination and drawing tests.

Once our pediatrician came in, Merrick was feeling much better about the physical.  BooBear didn't need everything done to him that Merrick had done, but his ticker got a listen and his spine and reflexes were tested.  Everyone at the office was so kind to take an extra couple of minutes to put a little boy at ease.  I just can't tell you how much we love our pediatrician and her staff.

That's one healthy bear!

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