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Mar 22, 2016 and My Son, My Savior DVD TOS Crew Review

Read to the end for a terrific giveaway from! sent out a selection of Christian movies to The Schoolhouse Review Crew a few weeks ago.  We were able to watch a film called My Son, My Savior in exchange for an honest review. is an online Christian and family movie store.  You'll find a variety of documentaries, children's cartoons, holiday movies, educational and apologetics films, and the latest releases on DVD and blu-ray in their store. was started by Dr. Enis Sakirgil who wanted to teach Christians in the west about the Biblical history so abundant in his home country of Turkey.  He was involved in the making of a film Apostle Paul and the Early Churches which he sold online.  Eventually, he sold other Christian movies online as well. is based in Minnesota. Review

My Son, My Savior is a 42 minute film based on Jesus' life.  It's basically described as the Gospel from His mother Mary's point of view.  The acting and production are OK.  The movie is just like many other similar movies and *if you already own a movie of the entire Gospel,* I recommend you put your money into one of's many other quality DVDs.  Bruce Marchiano has appeared in many Christian films, often as Jesus, whom he portrays here as well.  I really expected a lot more of the film to be based on speculation of Mary's feelings and experiences according to society at that time and based on the feelings most mothers do or might go through during her son's lifetime.  While this movie stuck close to Gospel accounts of Jesus' birth, life, and ministry, I think the film fell quite short of delving into what might have been happening with Mary.  There were only several brief moments where we heard Mary's thoughts about what was happening.  There was good continuity through that though.  The film began with Mary as a girl discussing the Passover lamb with her father and later, during Jesus' ministry, when someone mentioned John the Baptist referring to Jesus as the Lamb of God, you see (and hear) the wheels turning in Mary's head as the implication starts to become clear to her.  Later at the cross, she touches Jesus' feet and flashes back to touching his little infant toes.

What did the boys think of My Son, My Savior?
  • Mal (and his sensory issues) - I liked the whisper parts, like bodies and when Mary spoke to her father about the lamb of God.  When I asked him what he meant by bodies, he said, "You know, 'This is my body broken for you...'"  I'm not sure why he called those whisper parts.  The movie isn't overly loud and I don't think those scenes were particularly quiet.  
  • Xav - I did not like the cross part!  Or how Joseph ignored Mary when he found out she was having Jesus.  The angel was weird.
The My Son, My Savior DVD includes an extended version of about 55 minutes.   A Spanish version is also on the DVD.  Subtitles are available in English.

A four session study guide is available from  It was a bit difficult to know exactly where to begin and end the video for each study which read, "[Watch “My Son, My Savior” – Chapter 2 – The Prince of Peace is Born]".  The DVD was not broken into chapter selections on the menu.  The study involves the four weekly chapters of the Bible study sessions, the small group leader and participant guides, and the Bible study lessons leader's guide.  The Bible study leader's guide *does* tell which scenes are covered in each of the four sessions, but you will have to fast forward to the point in the DVD to start each lesson.

Enter to win a five pack of Christian family films from, which includes War Room, Owlegories, The Ultimate Gift, Superbook: A Giant Adventure, and My Son, My Savior.  You can find out what the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought of all of these movies and more at the "read more reviews" button below.

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