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Jul 1, 2014

Week in Review 6/1/14 (VT Dairy Festival)

At the library this week, Merrick played with this new (to him) geo puzzle thingy.  He was so particular about how he placed each piece.

Mal and Xav did some games which were really for me to evaluate their coordination.  We all had fun with the silly walking tasks.

Xav lost a tooth.

We took the car in for windshield repair.  They actually had a pretty nice waiting area.  The boys colored, played with cars, and people-watched out the front window.  We came home wondering how auto glass repair works and found a detailed video.

I made sugar cookie dough with our own eggs and the dough came out bright yellow!  That kind of cracked me up.

The 58th annual Vermont Dairy Festival started this week.  There's always a carnival.  These shots are all terrible.  I shall refer to them as artsy.

A parade with all of the usual entries plus a miniature tractor trailer, lots of old tractors, and a walking donut.  The punks caught plenty of candy, pennies, leis, and bubbles.

This year, in our quest for a shady parade viewing area, we happened to bump into some co-op friends.  What a treat to sit with a large group we knew.  I was relaxed, knowing even if Merrick wandered ten feet away (I could still see him, don't worry!), he was with some of our favorite people.

I think the absolutely favorite part was the Historical Society's train display at the clerk's office.  They would have stayed there all afternoon, but it was 2:30, I hadn't eaten all day, and it must have been 90* in that room!

We decided to have ice cream for lunch.  What?  It's a dairy festival!

Then we viewed the fireworks from the school.  Merrick wasn't too sure what he thought of them.  Daddy covered his ears and he was happy.  Mal could cover his own!  Two peas, sometimes.

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