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Jul 19, 2014

Quilt 1 - Hippy Chic?

You know what I love about quilts?  Besides the fact that they keep you cozy and warm (which is really kind of an odd thing to be thinking about in July)?  I love that our quilts were made by some of my favorite people.

I shared cocoas with you, the good and the bad.  Now I want to show you our quilts.

The other day, the boys and I were playing a game in the car.  "Punch bug hippy!" I said as I popped Mal on the shoulder.  "What color is that?" he wanted to know.  Well, it was a crazy bright psychedelic, flowery
kind of thing.  You know.  Hippy.

My grandma's quilt is well over 40 years old, probably more like 50+, but I don't really know when she made it.  When my dad came to visit a couple of years ago, I put it on his bed.  My step-mom recognized it right away.  I used to save it, but now I want to enjoy it.  That was the first time in a *long* time I had gotten it out.  What good is a quilt stashed in the cedar chest.  I want people to see it and feel happy.  I put it on guest beds all of the time now.

Gram's quilt is hand tied.  She didn't do the intricate stitching, but I love it anyway.


Wendy @ Simplicity Breeds Happiness said...

Quilts are a wonderful thing! I make them, but my favorite is still the Sunbonnet Sue my grandma made for me when I was (about) 10.

zekesmom10 said...

I used to have an even older quilt that my great grandma made. It was gorgeous blues. At over 100 years old, it didn't hold up though. I'm sad about that.