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Jul 2, 2014

Unicorn Pooooo... Uh, Rainbow Cookies

First, I searched high and low for a good unicorn poop tutorial.  Most had their own cookie recipes or suggested using a package of sugar cookie mix.  I prefer to make my own favorite sugar cookies.  I meant to keep a small ball to make plain cookies for Mal and I forgot!  Unfrosted, homemade sugar cookies are all he will eat.

So, I made a batch of cookies, divided the dough into several bowls, colored them with gel frosting coloring, and chilled.

I took small pieces of each color and rolled them together like play dough snakes.  I even rolled them through some silver food glitter I found.  Then I twirled them up into a spiral cookie, sprinkled with rainbow dots, and baked.

I made a couple dozen cookies like that, then I rolled and cut the dough into trains, hoping Mal would be willing to eat the colored dough if it looked like trains.  He wasn't.  The cookies were delicious and this is the story I gave when I delivered them.

I tried to catch a unicorn for your birthday because fantastic friends deserve fabulous gifts. However, I discovered it is very difficult to capture a unicorn. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to locate enough 24k gold rope to snare a unicorn? Not easy.  Also very expensive.) BUT, the unicorn did leave behind evidence of its presence. I quickly bagged up the unicorn poop and brought it to you. Happy birthday, Trisha!

If you usually need to roll your cookies in flour before cutting out, I recommend adding a little extra flour when you mix the dough.  You won't want to add much to the dough once the color has been added and it has been chilled.  Also, they are just a little more work intensive than normal between adding gel and rolling the cookies.

The funniest part about these cookies is how completely grossed out the boys were by the thought of unicorn poop.  They got so irritated and kept calling them unicorn cookies.  It was fantastic.

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