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Jun 11, 2014

Week in Review 5/25/14

    In Rangers this week...
No Rangers - Memorial Day.

    What we're reading... 
Dad finished Tim, Tobby, and the Train
and started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

For school, I'm reading them Sarah, Plain and Tall

    Around the house... 
The kitchen has been repainted.  Instead of the light pink that got old real quickly, it's now a medium brown to better coordinate with the orange in the entry and the green in the living and dining room.  My mother-in-law enjoys painting, so she motivated me to get the paint and get to it.  Next visit, she says it's time for the decks. 

    In the yard... 
Micah has been cleaning out the big flower bed and putting in new mulch.  The pumpkins are planted.

Xav took out the broken mower and followed Dad all over the side yard.

Merrick helped me choose some plants at the farm store.

    Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
While his parents were visiting, Micah took me on a date.  We decided to go to the restaurant The Bigger works at, The Family Table.  I had blackened chicken on penne with roasted tomato and basil cream sauce and Micah had butternut squash ravioli in brown butter sauce with sage and pine nuts.  The boy treated us as my Mother's Day present. After dinner, we went for a walk on the tail behind the restaurant and saw a rainbow that was two stacked bows with a third bow below it.  Of course, the phone couldn't see it that way.

Then we brought home a bunch of desserts to share with my in-laws.

    My kiddos favorite thing this week was…
Finding this freebie on the side of the road.  Of course, they only use it properly.  Slides are for up, right?

The funniest part was probably getting it home in "Beepa" of the Forest's car. (That's Grandma for those who don't know, specifically my MiL)  It hung out about two feet.  I sat in the back trying to hold the tailgate door sort of closed, while the other end of the slide kept bumping the radio and changing stations.

    I’m (NOT) cooking…
Xav loves chocolate chip pancakes.  He's leaning how to make them on his own.  His measuring cups and spoons are color coded, so I color coded his recipe as well.  He has made them a few times and is getting pretty confident.  I like how the color coding really helps him.  I think I will keep doing that for his recipes.

    Out of the mouths of boys... 
Xav (at 11:30 pm) : Mom, do you have any tips for how to fall asleep faster?
Me (in my head) : You're asking the wrong person.
Me (out loud) : Yes. Stop talking to your brother!

    This week's reviews...
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