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Jun 20, 2014

H is for Helpful

Being helpful means giving or being ready to give help, useful.  Helpful is doing whatever needs to be done.

Helpful is not unwilling to serve or waiting to be asked.  (Some antonyms from the We Choose Virtues parenting cards.)  We Choose Virtues also teaches us three big rules.  Under the Be a Helper rule, we'll find the virtues of helpful, perseverant, diligent, and content.

Not helping could hinder or even be harmful as Larry the Cucumber tells Bob the Tomato in Big River Rescue.
Huckleberry Larry: I just wanna help little Jimmy find his mama.
Tomato Sawyer: I've got news for you. I didn't hurt little Jimmy. 
I'm not the one who sent him up the river away from his mama. 
I didn't hurt him, so I shouldn't have to help him.
Huckleberry Larry: Sometimes, not helping is the same as hurting.
Tomato Sawyer: What? That makes no sense.
Huckleberry Larry: If we see someone who needs help, and we can help them,  I think that's what God wants us to do.

Later, in the episode, Tomato Sawyer's fishing pole is broken when the narrator refuses to help.

While God wants us to serve, we are also commanded to help in secret.  We don't need earthly rewards, we should seek our heavenly reward.

Lord, help me to see places of need that I can fill.  Help us to watch for opportunities and recognize them. 

Ben and Me

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