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Jun 11, 2014

Learning Palette ~ A Review

Learning Wrap-Ups Review

The Learning Palette is a product of Learning Wrap ups.  We have their addition set of Wrap ups, which I really liked.  I also have some older products from my days as a "Toy Lady" that sort of (ish) are a similar concept for toddlers. When I was offered the chance to review, I thought it would be fun to give it a test drive and experience *all* of the grades available in both math and language arts.

A 4th grade teacher, Marion Stuart, was looking for an easy way to teach her class their multiplication facts.  She came up with a way to use a card and a string to match up facts with answers and self-check the results.  Marion found a manufacturer to create the current Learning Wrap ups that many of you may know and love.  The company continues to add products to their line up, including the Learning Palette.  Most recently, the website was added. 

I signed myself up for a parent account and gave both Mal and Xav a student account.  As they complete cards, they get a green circle for that card.  It's easy for them to tell what they have and haven't done.

As you can see in the picture above, is aligned with common core.  Parents and teachers can easily see how any card correlates to CCSI.

The student reads the questions on the card (or you read them aloud for him), then drags the colored disks to the appropriate place on the card.  It's pretty simple for them to check their progress, either as they go or when they have completed the card, simply by clicking "check answers" in the upper left part of the screen.

With one struggling mathematician and one emergent reader, we found to be a fun way to review and practice skills.  I really like the access to all grade levels.  That's 660 cards.  It didn't matter where the punks were in language arts and math, we were able to find the appropriate level for each of them for most skills.  The favorite cards were the Language Arts cards with riddles.  We giggled about those quite a lot!

A free demo is available.  You will be able to access one card in nearly every title of the Learning Palette.  This is a great way to try it out before you buy it.  Watch the video introduction to

I experienced a lot of technical issues with the accounts and the website.  The account set up worked oddly and I even received a message that made me think I was using a current user's log in.  The site let me sign in, but I was afraid to proceed.  I didn't want to ruin someone's reports!  I was often not able to access the parent account, cards would not show completion or even attempts, and some cards are difficult to read because the writing or images are too small.  Also, there are places on the website that need a scroll bar and do not have one.  It's a terrific concept, and since it is fairly new, I hope these are issues they will be working to remedy soon. is $59.99 for up to five users, accessing all levels of reading and math.  Use code HOMESCHOOL for a 20% discount.*  The suitable range is for children doing K-5th grade work.

*Price and discount effective at time of posting.

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