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Feb 6, 2014

SuperMug of Cocoa

Sometimes I am easily kafluffled.  And it irks me afterward.  Our grocery store almost always has a 50% off bin or three with all kinds of treasures.  One day, I saw Ghirardelli hot cocoa in said bin.  I wanted it and was trying to convince myself that it would be about the same price as a tin of regular hot cocoa mix.  And, really, it was.  So, I meandered the grocery store, picking up this and that, and decided to grab a can for my very own.  As soon as the groceries were put away, I made myself a cup.

EGAD!  I had grabbed the chocolate MOCHA, not the double chocolate!  Woe is me!  Agony!  I am one of those *freaks* who cannot stand anything remotely coffee-like.  When I was pregnant, the smell would cause a need for emergency rest stops.  I was so disappointed, not to mention angry at myself.  Anyway, I needed a pic for our cocoa adventures.  This mug is for Micah.  (By the way, he also was not impressed and proclaimed it to be quite bitter.  Sad day around here, my friends.)

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